Sites To Visit

Chatter StudiosCEO Eris Poringer is an experienced professional with a deep understanding of content marketing, user experience design and managing online business development campaigns. Operating out of California, she consults with clients of all sizes to improve their website performance and leverage online marketing tactics to better sales and gain customers via her company, Chatter Studios. She is also an avid entrepreneur looking for new ideas, apps and inventions that will positively impact our world. Find Eris on twitter: @ChatterStudios.

Productivity TheoryFounder Kayla Matthews created this site with the goal of helping you be more productive and positive in your day-to-day life.

Abby GoochLife Force Connections  Based on the philosophy of Intuitive Success Coaching, Abby guides you to go deeper within to access the resources, wisdom and innate knowing of your intuition to clear the blocks that have been stopping you from living your divine soul purpose.

Positive Psychology News Daily – Get the latest research and news to help you develop positive lifestyle habits.


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